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Tiny Sox is designed to teach fundamental movement skills in a fun and safe environment.  Parental involvement is encouraged and allows them to join in the fun too. Sessions are no longer than 30 minutes. Along with teaching movement skills, the Tiny Sox grade will teach a basic understanding of tee ball. 

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  • Tee-ball
  • Rookie Sox
  • Junior Softball
  • Senior Softball
  • Slowpitch

No matter what your age or ability, there is something for you at Harbour Softball.  A sport for the whole family - kids in the morning and mums and dads in the afternoon on Saturdays.

Located at Rosedale Park in Albany we are the central hub of our clubs.

What is softball:The object of the game is to hit the ball to move runners around the bases and to score moreruns than the opposition team. The fielding team will do everything in their power to preventthe runners from progressing and/or scoring. Younger grades hit off a tee, before moving toa pitching machine followed by live pitching.

U6 Tee-Ball  4 – 5 years old

Fun tee-ball played with foam bats and balls. The games are played with 6 aside to maximise participation for our young players.

U8 Tee-Ball  6 - 7 years old

this grade is an action packed fun game, while still hitting off the tee, team numbers increase to 9.

Rookie Sox  8 – 9 years old

A mechanical pitching machine is used, adding another element to the game, with players hitting a moving ball.

Junior Softball  10-18 years

Full on softball rules, using members of the team to pitch the ball.

Under 11's:      10 yearsUnder 13's:      11 and 12 yearsUnder 15's:      13 and 14 yearsUnder 17/19's: 15-18 years: U17/19

Senior Softball

We have Division 1 and Division 3 (social) adult Men's softball.There is Division 2 Softball available for Women.  This division divides into competitive and social sections after a grading round.

Premier Softball

Reserve and Premier Men and Premier Women are our elite players competeing with teams in the Auckland Fast Pitch Competition

Slow Pitch

This is a fun social game. The ball is lobbed instead of pitched. The teams are mixed.Played at 6.30pm on Thursday and Friday evenings, this is a great competition for work teams or a group of mates wanting to have fun.

Our facilities:

Rosedale park boasts 16 grass diamonds and two world class skin diamonds. Ourclubhouse is located in the centre of the park and has a canteen, lounge and bar. Tablesand umbrellas are set up overlooking the grass diamonds and this is a great place to relaxand unwind while watching games. There is a playground close by for the children to burnoff energy.Our newly built stadium has nearly 500 seats, overlooking the skin diamonds.

When we play:

4 – 14 year olds: Saturday mornings

15 – 18 year old boys: Friday evenings

Senior and Premier: Saturday afternoons​​​​​​​

Slow Pitch: Thursday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm