Auckland Softball Association

What can we offer you?

  • Small Sox
  • Tee-ball
  • Rookie Sox
  • Junior Softball
  • Senior Softball
  • Slow Pitch

Softball is a great family-friendly sport for people of all ages, abilities and ethnic codes. It is played across 14 different clubs across Auckland in a fun but competitive environment.

Small Sox (2 – 5-year-olds): This is a new concept being adding to most clubs which is to cater for toddlers. Games tend to go for one hour on either a Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Kids will play with a sponge bat and ball and will be a great learning environment for all.

Tee-ball (5 – 8-year-olds): This is the middle stage of the development program for any child wanting to learn to play softball. Kids will move up to a proper aluminium bat and a softer and smaller version of a softball. Players will still be hitting off a Tee with assistance from coaches.

Rookie Sox (8 – 10-year-olds): This is the final stage of development before players will head into a proper game of softball. Kids learn to hit a moving ball that is pitched from a machine. Games tend to last an hour and are a little bit more competitive.

Junior Softball (10 – 18-years-old): This is when players start to learn the full softball rules and can start to represent both their association and make their way towards the national teams. At Auckland Softball we offer the following grades:

Senior Softball (18+): No matter what your ability we have something for you, so grab your mates and register at a club near you today.

Slowpitch:​​​​​​​ A lot of clubs will run either a corporate or a social slowpitch league and cater for those of all ages. 

Grades available:

  • Premier Men & Women Reserve
  • Men Division 1
  • Men & Women Division 2
  • Men & Women Division 3
  • Men & Women Division 4
  • Men & Women (Very Sociable)
  • Men & Women Division 5 (Even More Sociable/learners)

When we play:

  • Under 19 Boys & Girls – Friday evening
  • Small Sox – Rookie Sox – Either Friday evenings or Saturday Mornings (club dependant)
  • Junior Softball – Saturday Mornings
  • Senior Softball – Saturday Afternoons
  • Premier Softball – Saturday Afternoons (occasional Sundays)

Our Facilities: With our 16 active softball grounds it causes for a wide variety of playing venues. Clubs go all the way from Ranui/Massey to Howick and right out to Manukau creating a set-up so that everyone who wants to play has got a club within a reasonable distance to them. Most Small Sox, Teeball and Rookie Sox games will all be played at a set venue, where those playing Junior or Senior Softball will be travelling to other clubs depending on those entered in each grade.

If you are interested in more information on any of the above and more get in touch with a club near you. Follow the below link for more information on each of our clubs:

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